My name is Curtis Pote and it is my goal to help you become for life.

I previously worked as a Instructor at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy and as Police Officer with the Ankeny Police Department and Muscatine Police Department in Iowa. I was active in High School and College but became lazy and sedentary the longer I worked in Law Enforcement.

I began my fitness journey in about 2009 and began running again.  I then began to run some obstacle course races and then began running Ultra Marathons.  I have completed several 100 mile runs all over the United States and have completed several Fuego Y Agua Survival Runs in the U.S, Nicaragua and Australia.

I am dedicated to fitness and getting/keeping cops and the general public into shape. I don’t want Police Officers to get out of shape like I did.  I strive to help others realize how import their conditioning is and how it can impact their lives.

I have attended several training’s that enhance my ability to instruct others.  I have completed the Cooper Institute Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist training and the Law Enforcement Fitness Coordinator Training program through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.  Also, In August 2017 I also received my Personal Trainer Certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine and also earned a Corrective Exercise certification to assist the injured.

I want every person to have a fitness level where they can protect themselves physically as well as the their families, friends and communities. I want to improve the lives off all people and to  motivate them to become their best.

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